About the author

Dr. Debra R. Dunston, LCC

Dr. Debra is a licensed, Spirit-filled Counselor, certified Healing & Deliverance Coach, Spiritual Energy Healer, and Meditation Guide. She has over 18 years of working with individuals and families in getting to the root causes of their emotional challenges; removing negative spirits and energies, conquering limiting beliefs, and severing unhealthy soul ties.

Dr. Debra has a dynamic way of helping people to move beyond their traumatic experiences. Using a variety of modalities and a holistic healing approach, she leads people on their healing journey so that they can shed the blocks that keep them from being their best selves. Once people have successfully started their healing journey, Dr. Debra helps them use the power of their own mind to manifest the abundant life that they were created to live.

Dr. Debra is a much sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She is the Author of Ten Principles to Heal Emotional Wounds and a children’s book series.

Visit her website at: www.DrDebraForHealing.com

Contact DrDebra at: DrDebra@DrDebraForHealing.com

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