About the author

Sundiata L. Sims

Sundiata L. Sims is a caring, kind and loving husband and father.  He is committed to God, his church, community and most of all his family.  He is a graduate of Central State University.

Sundiata serves as an amazing example of ‘Manhood’ for his children and grandson with his responsibility to provide, protect and direct them in life.  

Sundiata is an integral part of M.E.N. (Male Empowerment Networks), a bi-monthly discussion group for men and teen-aged men ages 12+.  By sharing his wisdom, listening and building relationships with men and teen-aged men, he is able to influence their lives in a positive way.  Sundiata volunteers in the community and is very active in the church. He believes that by creating awareness, bringing insight and nurturing open dialog around the conversation of ‘Manhood’ he will be able to be a bridge for those who do not have a strong male mentor or father figure in their lives and help them to be better served to become the fathers, uncles, and grandfathers of tomorrow.  

Sundiata L. Sims is a member of Body of Christ Assembly, in Charlotte, NC under the pastorship of Overseer Terry M. Clark.  He resides in Charlotte, NC with his beautiful wife, Carmalita Longino Sims, their two daughters, Suniece and Mikayla and grandson Micah-Aiden.  

To invite Sundiata to speak or conduct a workshop for your group, email:  info@SundiataLSims.com